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maandag 11 juli 2016
DORO: Strong And Proud - 30 Years Of Rock And Metal (3DVD)

Release: 2016-06-24
Style: hard rock/heavy metal
Label: Nuclear Blast
Country: Germany
Playing Time: 2 Blu-ray or 3 dvd: 8 hours, cd or 2lp: 71:00
Cat. N°: NB 27361 33534 (earbook) / NB 27361 33531 (2lp)
English review by: Geert Ryssen
Dutch review by: Geert Ryssen
Rating: 9/10


In case anyone has still any doubts: ‘Strong And Proud’ is the definite proof that Doro Pesch is the real metal queen! In 2014 she celebrated her 30 years on stage and besides a world tour (that is still going on ...!) she staged three special shows. One as headliner at Wacken Open Air and two shows in her hometown Düsseldorf with a ‘classic’ night with her band and orchestra and a metal night with her band only. Both nights hosted several guests like Lordi, Biff Byford, Blaze Bayley, Udo Dirkschneider and many, many more!

These were phenomenal concerts which are captured now for eternity. Most impressive is the Wacken set that shows that Doro is a perfect headliner. She worked many months to achieve the standard of this show and it works in every way. She absolutely can handle this big sized stages and crowds. She has a fantastic band and together they make an incredible team. That is made clear also by the documentary that is part of this package where Doro gives us an intimate insight of her life on the road, her band, her crew and her beloved fans. What you get is not only three shows and a 2 hour+ movie, but also a lot of extra’s of outtake material of the shows and even more. This is an indispensable document for anyone that has a heart for true metal, fan or not...! Available in many formats: 2 Blu-ray, 3 dvd, cd (selected tracks) or 2 lp (selected tracks) and a beautiful earbook with fantastic photo’s, the 2 Blu-rays, the 3 dvd’s and the cd. The earbook is the most expensive but without any doubt the must-have for any fan of this dedicated artist.


Mocht er nog iemand aan twijfelen: Doro is de onbetwiste metalqueen! In 2014 vierde zij haar 30-jarig bestaan als metalartiest en dat deed ze met een headliner show op Wacken Open Air en twee shows in haar geboortestad Düsseldorf. Vooral de Wacken show toont aan dat Doro in staat is om als volwaardige headliner te worden geprogrammeerd op eender welk festival. Wat ze hier met haar band neerzet is zonder meer groots en zij gaat moeiteloos om met zowel het grote podium als met de massa die voor haar staat te bangen. Haar uitstekende band mogen we uiteraard niet onvermeld laten. Met een hele rist aan gasten zijn de twee shows in Düsseldorf nogmaals een bevestiging.

De eerste avond speelde ze met haar band, orkest en gasten, de tweede avond was het full blast metal met haar band en opnieuw met gasten. Op de meer dan 2 uren durende documentaire geeft Doro op dvd 2/Blu-ray 2 een intieme inkijk in haar leven op tournee, haar relatie met haar band, haar crew en haar fans. Ten slotte is er ook nog extra materiaal op dvd 3 of op Blu-ray 2 met niet gebruikt materiaal uit de shows en nog meer. ‘Strong And Proud’ is verkrijgbaar op verschillende formaten: 2 Blu-ray, 3 dvd, cd (selectie) of 2 lp (selectie). Wie iets extra wil gaat voor het earbook met prachtige foto’s, de 2 Blu-rays, de 3 dvd’s en de cd. Een must voor de diehard fan!


2 Blu-ray/3DVD:

Wacken show:

Wacken Anthem (We are The Metal Heads)
Burning The Witches
East Meets West (with Chris Boltendahl)
Raise Your Fist
Earthshaker Rock
Breaking The Law (with Phil Campbell)
All We Are (with Eric Fish, Joakim Brodén, Corvus Corax)

Classic Night Show:
Touch Of Evil
On The Run
Fear Of The Dark (with Blaze Bayley)
Night Of The Warlock
You’re My Family
Above The Ashes
Beyond The Trees
Princess Of The Dawn (with Udo Dirkschneider)
Dancing With An Angel (with Udo Dirkschneider)
Hard Rock Hallelujah (with Lordi)
Love Me In Black
Für Immer

Rock Night:
Raise Your Fist
Save My Soul
Running From The Devil
Without You
East Meets West (with Sabina Classen)
Rock Till Death (with Hansi Kürsch)
Bad Blood (with Lordi)
Denim And Leather (with Biff Byford)
Out Of Control
Wacken Anthem (We Are The Metalheads)
Metal Racer
Burn It Up
Balls To The Wall (with Udo Dirkschneider)
All We Are

Behind The Curtain, Inside The Heart Of Doro (Documentary)

Bonus Material:

>From the Classic Night:
Burn It Up
Breaking The Law
All We Are
Metal Racer
>From the Rock Night:
True As Steel
Egypt (with Chris Caffery)
You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’ (with Biff Byford)
Drum Solo
Ich Will Alles (with Andy Brings)
Metal Tango
Unholy Love
>From Wacken
Metal Tango (with Eric Fish & frau Schmitt)
Drum Solo
Für Immer (with Uli Jo Roth)
>From Rock Hard Festival 2015
Für Immer
>From Russia Tour 2015
Touch Of Evil
I Rule The Ruins

On The Run
Save My Soul
Raise Your Fist
Fear Of The Dark
Earthshaker Rock
Without You
Rock Till Death
Egypt (The Chains Are On)
Für Immer
Balls To The Wall
You’re My Family
All We Are


Lead vocals: Doro Pesch
Guitars: Bas Maas, vox
Guitars: Luca Princiotta, vox
Bass: Nick Douglas, vox
Drums: Johnny Dee, vox
Keyboards: Harrison Young, vox
Orchestra conductor: Torsten Sickert
The Metal Classic Night Orchestra
+ Guest artists.

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