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maandag 16 oktober 2017
LONEWOLF: Raised On Metal

Release: 2017-09-22
Style: traditional heavy metal
Country: France
Playing Time: 46:34
Cat. N°: MAS CD0980
Review by: Vera
Translated by: Vera
Rating: 6/10


The recipe of French Lonewolf should be common knowledge: traditional heavy/speed metal with loads of flashing guitar skills in the vein of Grave Digger and Running Wild. Last years the band happens to be very active again and consequently they release already a new album only one year after ‘The Heathen Dawn’. On this ninth studio album ‘Raised On Metal’ nothing has changed, except for the recruitment of new guitarist Michael Hellström. The weak point of Lonewolf has always been the vocals of guitarist and founder member Jens Börner and that hasn’t changed either on this album. Those who did not have a problem with that in the past, can add this smoothly to their collection, but we are not really convinced.


Het recept van het Franse Lonewolf mag gekend zijn: traditional heavy/speed metal met veel flitsend gitaarwerk in de trant van Grave Digger en Running Wild. De band is de laatste jaren erg actief en brengt een jaar na ‘The Heathen Dawn’ al nieuw werk uit. Op dit negende studioalbum is er niets veranderd, tenzij de komst van gitarist Michael Hellström. Het pijnpunt bij Lonewolf is altijd de zang van gitarist en oprichter Jens Börner en ook dat is op ‘Raised On Metal’ geen sikkepit veranderd. Wie daar in het verleden mee kon leven, kan dit dus aan de collectie toevoegen, maar wij liggen er niet wakker van.


Unleash The Wolf (4:19)
Souls Of Black (3:30)
Through Fire, Ice And Blood (5:03)
Raised On Metal (3:19)
Flight 19 (4:05)
Extinction Of The Stars (2:45)
Evil (4:02)
Skinless Smile (4:02)
No God, No Master (3:23)
Dark World Order (3:28)

Bonus tracks on digipak:

Swansong (3:51)
Demon’s Call (4:47)


Jens Börner: vocals, guitars
Michael Hellström: guitars
Rikki Mannhard: bass
Bubu Brunner: drums

Geplaatst door Vera op maandag 16 oktober 2017 - 22:33:48
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