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woensdag 12 april 2017

After two very successful and internationally praised editions, Prophecy Fest 2017 will have its third edition on 28 and 29th of July 2017 at Balver-Höhle in Germany. The two days festival takes place in a cave from the old Stone Age, a guarantee for a magical and mystic atmosphere, completed by stunning lightshows and cozy atmosphere. Not only the place and the bill will be extraordinary, the whole environment will absolutely leave you in awe. Up to some practical & important messages:

This is the billing for Prophecy Fest 2017:



Hypnopazūzu - David Tibet (Current 93) & Youth (Killing Joke) - first concert in Germany.

The Vision Bleak - special performance with a classical ensemble of strings, percussion and vocals.

Dornenreich - exclusive acoustic history set.

Dool - exclusive set with additional musicians and singers.

Hexvessel - extended performance with implemented acoustic set.

Spiritual Front - special "Armageddon Gigolo" set for Prophecy Fest 2017!

Sun Of The Sleepless - Schwadorf's (Empyrium/The Vision Bleak) first concert since 1999, second ever.

The Moon And The Nightspirit - special show with enhanced line-up.

Lotus Thief - European premiere.

Soror Dolorosa - performing "Severance" in its entirety for the first time & presenting their the new album "Apollo".

GlerAkur - the band surprised us and blew us away with their performance at Prophecy Fest 2016. It was an easy decision for us to invite them again.

NOÊTA - their first concert outside Scandinavia at this year's Prophecy Fest!

Nhor world premiere performance at this year's Prophecy Fest!

Irrwisch - art director and exhibition.

More info about the fest and tickets, you can find here: (festival info) (tickets)

Be there!

Geplaatst door Vera op woensdag 12 april 2017 - 21:22:21
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