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Oceans of Sadness on Progpower

OCEANS OF SADNESS replaces Aghora
Unfortunately Aghora has canceled their performance at ProgPower Europe this year. Allthough we are disappointed in the band's decission, we do respect them and who knows we will be able to book them for any future edition. We have booked a decent replacement, the very talented Belgian band OCEANS OF SADNESS. They have released their latest album 'Mirror Palace' earlier this year, the album got overwhelming reviews worldwide. We are sure you will not be disappointed by this band, so we hope to see you all in October in Baarlo, The Netherlands.

Check out the website for all the details and the latest information about tickets.

OCEANS OF SADNESS from a small town called Dessel Belgium, started out in 1995 and drew inspiration from bands such as Type O Negative, Amorphis and Paradise Lost. Within five months of starting the band the first demo "Forgotten Symphony I" was already released. The demo tape became the "demo of the month" in Aardschok – the professional music journal of the Netherlands. At the time, the main ambition was to create slow and ultra deep songs – much like those of the bands that inspired OCEANS OF SADNESS. But the songs already had a face of their own and a recognizable sound that you still can identify in the more recent works. In 1999 the young act surprised everyone by winning the Metal Bash Award – a talent competition, organized by Aardschok – which very much helped the band to a larger audience with performances on Dynamo Open Air, "Aardschokdag" and on Biebob Metalfest. Two years later OCEANS OF SADNESS signed a two-album-deal with Belgian LSP records and soon after that the debut album "For We Are" was released. Graspop Metal Meeting noticed the intense live presentation of the band, and invited OCEANS OF SADNESS for the first time on their esteemed festival.

Second album, "Laughing Tears, Crying Smile" was released in 2002, bringing the band to quite a higher level of musiscianship. The album got good reviews worldwide but distribution failed as it was only released in Belgium and the Netherlands. In support of their second album the band opened up for Within Temptation and Dimmu Borgir.

The third album, called "Send In The Clowns", was recorded and released in 2004 by Apache Productions. "Clowns" was a bright musical epos, full of different genres varying from non-metal (classical, jazz, flamenco) over the very best out of the different metal genres (death, black). In 2006 OCEANS OF SADNESS came in contact with producer Jens Bogren (Opeth, Katatonia, Amon Amarth) of Fascination Street Studios in Sweden. Once the upcoming album "Mirror Palace" (set to be released in 2007) was recorded at the Motormusic Studio (Lint, BE) the band went to Sweden and the album was mixed. The new album takes a couple more steps on the experimental path that OCEANS OF SADNESS has been on for quite some time. The end result is just as interesting to fans of extreme metal such as Cradle of Filth and Meshuggah as it is to fans of more melodic rock acts like System of a Down or Alice in Chains. "Mirror Palace" is a shining example that metal is still progressing and can be fused with classical music, jazz or even good ol' ragtime.

In January 2007 OCEANS OF SADNESS inked a deal with Scarlet Records in Italy for the worldwide release of "Mirror Palace" and it was released in April 2007. To promote these tracks of mayhem the band worked with known Dutch director Mirko Cocco to record a video for "Pride And Shame", one of the songs on "Mirror Palace". The album got extremely good reviews all across the world and in some countries they even call it ‘revelation of the year’ so so far all is going according to plan. To promote the "Mirror Palace" the band already played a lot of shows including the Belgian Graspop Metal Meeting (for the 4th time!) and numerous supports for the Dutch band Epica in Belgium and Holland. The band also teamed up with Swedish revelation Diablo Swing Orchestra and play some shows together and next up are shows in France and Italy.
Meanwhile the band keeps on writing new stuff so be sure to keep your eye on this band ‘cause they’re not finished talking yet…

It may sound like a contradiction, but the future surely is looking bright for OCEANS OF SADNESS! So let them surprise you at ProgPower, those who not know this band will be surprised, in a pleasant way.


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