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Orden Ogan, Rhapsody Of Fire, Unleash The Archers - Biebob, Vosselaar - 31/10/2017

Text & pics: Geert Ryssen

By the time we arrive at the venue, it is already packed and first band UNLEASH THE ARCHERS is playing at full blast. With four albums in their bag and singer Brittney Slayes, the Canadians have built a strong fanbase. Considering the amount of T-shirts in the audience, a lot of them came to see the band tonight. This band is very convincing and proves its ability to reproduce the power of the albums live on stage. Brittney is not only a fantastic vocalist, but she has an equally great band behind her. The audience loves it and gives the band a loud and warm welcome.

Second on the bill is the Italian powerful 'soundtrack' metal band RHAPSODY OF FIRE. Recent line-up changes leave the band with only one original member: keyboard player Alex Staropoli. New singer Giacomo Voli replaces the mighty Fabio Leoni and does a very good job. He's a powerful and very strong singer fitted for this band. The sound at the Biebob makes the band more like a pure melodic power metal band and the symphonic element is less obvious. That may change if the band gets space and is able to play as a headliner with full props. Again, the audience is very responsive and loves every minute of it.

Headliner ORDEN OGAN is a power-metal band balancing between folk-metal and progressive metal. The four Germans take the stage with masks on their faces, but then it's Helloween eve... Those are taken off after the first song and Orden Ogan plays a triumphant show for an audience that adores the band. They make the crowd sing, shout and move in any direction they want. The first half of the show is dominated by folk-metal tunes and the second half is more progressive. Orden Ogan really conquers the venue with a blistering ninety minute set and gets a standing ovation as a reward for their performance. A special prize goes to guitarist Toby who plays some flabbergasting solo’s…

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