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DGM on main stage of ProgPower Europe

Progpower Europe: Changed Line-up

The 9th edition of ProgPower Europe is approaching. As a 'good' tradition we had a late cancellation, Mechanical Poet has decided not to come. Sometimes bands just don't keep their promises and cancel as if they cancel an appointment with the dentist, unbelievable. But we organize this festival for fun and to keep the scene alive in Europe, so bands who do not want to be part of it and do not take a chance to play for a bigger audience don't really know what they miss.

But luckily there are enough bands who do take this chance, so we decided to move DGM from Italy to the mainstage on Saturday and give the Dutch band Picture Of The Moon the possibility to open the pre-party on Friday. Both bands are very excited about this, we are sure they will not disappoint you and we know that many of you really like the idea that we moved DGM to the mainstage. Check the website for all the details.

Advance ticket sales is going pretty well, you still will be able to order your tickets until Monday 1 October, than we will stop advance sales of weekend and day tickets. The remaining tickets can be reserved or will be available at the entrance. But be sure to order your tickets in time.
Those of you who have ordered their tickets and paid for it got a confirmation, this weekend (or on Monday at the latest) we will send the final reservations. Your tickets will be available at the entrance.
So hopefully we will see you all next weekend, all the bands are really looking forward to it so you do not have to expect another late cancellation. And for us it is important to see as many people as possible, this way we will be able to continue the festival the next couple of years. See you all next weekend!

ProgPower Europe

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